Reward for Information on Congregate Care Abuse

On the left, you can see the kind of care that gets rendered by some congregate care facilities in NJ. Moreso, to make up stories about how injuries occur and then when the most clear-cut injuries that are clearly abuse occur, as you can also see on the left......they are all silent. Out of excuses. No more stories or lies of self injury. The people that treated us so badly there will never be forgotten.

In the meantime, should there be a decent soul at Woodbine developmental, that would like to come forward regarding these injuries and others our Louie received, LOUIES VOICE is offering a $10,000 reward.... to give us information as to who is responsible. You can reach out to us anonymously using the form below, sending an email to, or you can call us anonymously at 215-992-2865. We can make arrangements to deliver your reward in cash. Anonymously.

Look at the guy on the right. Same kid. That’s the difference decency makes. $10,000 cash. Come forward. Do the right thing. Help us find those responsible and those that allow this to occur.


A message from an angry father

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